Scales of Fees for Estate Agency Services

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(Regulation 6 (2))

1.    Subject to paragraph 4, the estate agency fees for mandates to sale or purchase immovable property shall be :

(a)    Estate agency fees to be between 3.5% to 10%.
(b)    The Scales of fees for property management to be 10% to 15% on gross income.

2.    The estate agency fees for mandates to lease or hire property shall be the equivalent of one month rental of the leased or hired property.

3.    The fees set out herein are, except where otherwise stated, exclusive of disbursements, fees for plans and copies of documents, costs of advertising, travelling and other expenses, which shall be paid for by the client to the estate agent addition to the charges for estate agency services and shall be by prior arrangement with the client.

4.    The scale fees stated in the Schedule may from time to time be revised by the members of the Institute at an annual general meeting.